What is Love? || Who Are You Calling Love? [ Latest 2022 ]

What is Love? || Who Are You Calling Love?

What is Love


What is Love


There are many questions related to love in our minds even today. Sometimes it seems that love is not a thing. So sometimes it seems, that all of us should do love. But to date, no one has ever been able to reach an opinion that what is love. If this is the case with you too, then read this article of ours till the end. In this article, we will tell you what is love, what is love? And how important is it to do it? So let’s start what is love.


What is love?


Love can happen to any person in two ways. In this, the first is attraction and the second is the attachment of the mind. Let us know about both things in detail.




The first name that comes in love is that of attraction. When we start getting attracted to something, it is called love. He could be a human. Can be an animal or can be any other thing apart from this.

Its identity is that when we get away from that object, then we keep thinking about it, thinking and questioning in our mind. We feel every moment as if that thing or that person is present somewhere near us. If this is happening to you as well, then understand that you are also attracted to that thing. Also, you are going to fall in love with him in the coming time.


Love of Mind


The attachment of the mind is said to be that when we sit with any human or animal, then the mind is always attached to it. It means to say that many times our mind does not even bother to meet some people. But there are times when we always like to sit with someone special. Even if we sit with him for hours but we never get bored. If this is happening to you as well, then understand that your mind has also started looking at that thing with a feeling of love.


Who Was in Love with?


After knowing so much about “what is love”, this question must have come to your mind what are those things with which we can fall in love. Many people believe in it that love is always between a boy to a girl and a girl to a boy. But that is not true. Because this is just a meeting of hearts. Therefore, whatever our heart gets mixed with, just understand that it has fallen in love. I Love You Images

If we take the name prominently inside them, then the boy gets to see the most love with the girl or vice versa. Apart from this, people love their animals. After this many people fall in love with the things of their choice like house, car and things kept in the house. But this love is not that strong. Changes in this love can also be seen with time.

Can love be forced? The simple answer to this is ‘no’, but if we say it like this, we cannot do anything forcibly. If we do this then it will not be possible to run it for very long. But if we try to force it into love, then surely it will be one-sided and in the future, it will result in bad results. That is why it can be said that if a successful love is to be made, then it is necessary that there should be a feeling of love and attachment from both sides.

When does love happen? – The answer to this question is also not simple. Because it neither has any fixed age nor does it have any qualification. Just when we feel attracted to something, we start falling in love with it. Therefore, it is also very difficult to decide here how much love will be and how long will it last.


Where is the love?


The question, there is no simple answer to this. Because we can never know where the love is. But one thing can definitely be said here that the chances of love ever happening alone are very less.

For this, it is necessary that it is very important for any human being to have two or more things. But it is not necessary that the person who has two or more things will also fall in love with him. It is possible that that person hates them and wants to stay away from them.


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For example, you are traveling on a train and you get identified with a stranger and you cannot understand when that identity turns into love. Whereas on the other hand, even after spending many years with a person, you may not be able to bring any kind of attachment to him.


Is love done by asking or by telling?


If you are in love with any living thing, then the question of asking or telling it does not arise. Because it will not be possible to talk there. But if you are in love with any living thing, then it becomes very important to agree here from both sides.

But this consent can also be indicative rather than by speaking or not telling. Because it is said that love is less than words and more than hearts. But after a time it is agreed orally also. But sometimes it happens that even after being in love, bitterness comes into the hearts, and again distances are created.


Some important things related to love


  • Whenever you fall in love, do it with a real person. Never fall in love with a person who is telling false things or fake things to you.
  • Never tell false things to fall in love with a person. Because even if you lie, one day he will come to know the truth.
  • During love, you should never guess the advantages or disadvantages. This is a matter of the heart. If you see the pros and cons in it, then this friendship will not last long.
  • Always keep your heart big to love. Never bring the bar of age, gender, or caste in the middle.
  • Today is the time of rumors. Therefore, whenever you fall in love with someone, do not pay attention to the fact that that person does not know how it will be. Somewhere that person would not be wrong. If a voice comes from your heart, then fall in love without thinking anything.

In this way, you have learned today what is love? what is love and what is love? Hope you now understand what is love? How did you like this article, do tell us in the comments.

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