What is Agneepath Scheme – All Details You Need to Know [ Latest 2022 ]

What is Agneepath Scheme – All Details You Need to Know

What is Agneepath Scheme


What is Agneepath Scheme


What is Agneepath Scheme: This time is very confusing for the youth preparing for the Indian Army. Because the Government of India has recently made a big change in the recruitment process for the three services. The government has started a new scheme named the Agneepath scheme.

After this scheme, every recruitment in the army will now be done under the new scheme. In such a situation, if you do not know yet what is the Agneepath scheme, then read this article of ours till the end. In this article, we will tell you what is Agneepath? What are its advantages and what are disadvantages? So let’s start with what is Agneepath scheme.


What is Agneepath Scheme


Agneepath is a plan involving all three services. Under which it has been told what will be the process for the youth who want to join the army from now on. How can apply for the same? Who can apply? Also, with the introduction of this scheme, all the old recruitment processes will now be done in a new form.

There will be only a few senior officer posts in the army which will be filled in an old-fashioned way. However, this scheme is still new, so the way the government is constantly demanding of youth is coming. In the same way, changes are also being made inside it. The special feature of this scheme is that the youth who will be recruited in this way will be named ‘Agniveer’.


Who can apply for Agniveer?


Any youth who wants to apply under the Agneepath scheme. The age limit for that has been kept from 17 to 21 years. (In the year 2022 it has been kept for a maximum of 23 years) It is being told that this recruitment will be done twice a year. In which the number of posts will be around 50 to 60 thousand. For this, the youth who are interested, first of all, have to complete physical fitness. Then their medical will be done. After clearing all these stages will have to appear in the written test.


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The youth who will be successful in this examination will get the distinction of being called Agniveer. No changes have been made in the further process of application. If the age of the Agniveer to be selected will be less than 18 years, then joining will be given only after getting the signature of the Agniveer’s parents.


What is the qualification?


There is no change in qualification inside Agneepath. Therefore, it is considered necessary to qualify for 10th or 12th even within it. Some posts will also be filled on the basis of VIII. In this, posts like General Duty, Technical, Clerk, Store Keeper, and Tradesman, will be included. Which will be filled through direct recruitment.


How old will the job be?


If we talk about the job of an Agniveer, it will be for four whole years. Which has been named Tour of Duty. It has been told by the government that in these four years, the youth who are recruited for the first six months will be given training. After this, you will be given a chance to work for the next three and a half years.

Any Agniveer will be given one month’s leave in a year. in which he can go to his home. After four years, 75 percent of the youth will be retired. Along with this, 25 percent of the youth will be kept for further jobs. The special thing is that any Agniveer recruited inside it cannot leave the job in the middle. { Cool Pictures }


25% of youth will be permanent after 4 years


It has been told under this scheme that 75 percent of the youth working in it will be retired after 4 years. Also, seeing the work of 25 percent of the youth, they will be regularized for the future. But it is not yet told whether 25 percent of the youth who will be selected for further examination will be done through an examination or on the basis of their working capacity of 4 years.

You understand it in such a way that in X district, 1 lakh posts of the army were recruited. In which 1 lakh youth were selected. First, everyone will be given six months of training. Then they will be posted on duty. But when the four years of those youth are about to be completed, then 25 percent of them i.e. 25 thousand youths will be permanently selected for the future. Whereas 75 thousand youth will be retired with full respect. Many other benefits will also be given to the youth retiring after 4 years, which we are going to mention next.


How much salary will Agniveers get?


If we talk about the salary of every Agniveer, then 30 thousand rupees will be given to him as salary every month. While Rs.33 thousand in the second year and Rs.36,500 in the third year. For the fourth year, a full Rs 40,000 will be given. The special thing about this salary is that 30 percent of the money will be deducted every month, which will be deposited in the corpus fund i.e. service fund. After deducting it, the bank account of an Agniveer will get Rs.21 thousand, Rs.23,100 in the second year, Rs.25,580 in the third year, and Rs.28 thousand in the fourth year. You can understand it better in the table given below.


Year Salary Cash In Hand
1 30,000 21,000
2 33,000 23,100
3 36,500 25,580
4 40,000 28,000


How much salary do regular jawans get?


In What is Agneepath Scheme, let us tell you that at present, regular soldiers in the army are paid according to the seventh pay commission. Whereas there are a total of 17 types of posts in the army. In such a situation, if we talk about the salary of a soldier, then at present Rs 21,700 is given directly to the bank account in the first year.

Whereas apart from this 20 to 30 percent is deducted from the service fund. But regular soldiers get many other facilities as well as promotions from time to time. But one thing is for sure the government has not made any kind of discrimination in the salary between the regular soldier and Agniveer.


Agniveers will get these facilities during the job?


If we talk about the facilities of Agniveers, then during their service, any Agniveer will be given every facility which is given to regular soldiers. Within this, he will also be given Hardship Allowance, Uniform Allowance, Army Canteen Facility, and Medical Facility.

Also, if he wants, he can also study further during this job. But if an Agniveer of misfortune dies during the service period. So his family will also be given a sum insured of 1 crore. Which will be done by the government.


What benefits will Agniveers get after 4 years?


As mentioned in this plan 75 percent of Agniveers will be retired after 4 years. After which the government will also add the same amount of money to his 30 percent service fund which is deducted every month. Adding to this, a total of Rs 5.02 lakh will be deducted from Agniveer’s salary in four years.

After this, the interest received on it will be added. In the end, the government will also add the same amount from its side and give it to the retiring Agniveer. After which this total amount will eventually become 11.71 lakhs. Its special thing is that no tax will be levied on this money.

In this way, if seen with salary, then an Agniveer will make a total profit of about 20 lakh rupees in four years. Also, if Agniveer is only 10th pass then he will also get his 12th certificate from NIOS. Which will be valid everywhere. Along with this, a certificate will be given to Agniveer. Which will be the certificate of his being Agniveer.

Here let us make one thing more clear that after 4 years, Agniveer will not be given army canteen, medical or any other facility.


Agniveers will be given priority in these jobs after 4 years


In What is Agneepath Scheme, as told to you that only 25 percent of the Agneepath will be confirmed in every recruitment. In such a situation, the government has made arrangements for the 75 percent of Agniveers who will be retired so that they can get employment easily. First of all, 10 percent of seats will be reserved for Agniveers retiring in CRPF and Assam Rifles. Also, 10 percent reservation will be for Agniveers in all defense sector undertakings.

They will also be given priority in working in the Finance Ministry. It will also try on behalf of the government that all possible help can be given to the Agniveers in taking loans from banks etc. Along with this, many state governments including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana have announced to give priority to Agniveers in all their police recruitment. Apart from this, many government departments have said to give priority to them.

The point to be seen here is that in most places, it has been said that priority should be given to them. There has been no firm promise of giving them a job. If they want to become self-employed, then the government will also give them training in an electrician, hair cutting, washing clothes, and driving a car. With which they can also do some self-employment.


What is the rumor being spread on Agneepath?


Many types of rumors are being spread on social media these days about the Agneepath scheme. The first of which is that in the coming time, a similar four-year plan will be implemented in the police and other departments as well. So it is very important to stop this plan.

But this is not true. The government was working on this scheme for the last two years. Also, keeping in mind the needs of the army, such a plan has been brought. With the advent of this scheme, neither the army is being given to private hands. Nor are people being recruited on contract. All Agniveers will be recruited only after the complete process.


7 Benefits of the Agneepath Scheme


Come to What is Agneepath Scheme, now we will tell you about some of the benefits of Agneepath Scheme which every youth should know. Because of this, the army of the country will be strengthened as well as the youth will also get employment.


  • With the coming of this scheme, everyone will get employment. Because before reducing the time limit, where one youth used to get employment, now three people will get jobs in the army.
  • With this scheme, a large population of the country will get army training. This will not only bring patience and discipline to the people, as well as the help of those retired firefighters can also be taken in an emergency.
  • Through this scheme, youth will be able to stand on their feet at a very young age. Because if a youth is selected at the age of 20 and retires at the age of 24, then during this time he can earn around 20 lakh rupees. Which is usually not possible.
  • With the advent of this scheme, the financial burden on the army will be reduced. Earlier where 11 crores were spent on a soldier in his entire lifetime. At the same time, only 1 crore rupees will be spent by the army on one Agniveer.
  • Till now 60 percent of the army money is used to go towards salary and pension. But due to the lack of pension in this new scheme, the money that will be left can be used to buy new and modern weapons.
  • With the advent of this scheme, the average age of the army will be reduced. Which is 32 years now. This will make our army more youthful in a way.
  • Such people want to do a job in the army as a hobby for only a few years. For them, this plan is icing on the cake.


7 Disadvantages of the Agneepath Scheme


Every plan has its advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, the Agneepath scheme also has some disadvantages. which can be corrected and corrected. Let’s take a look at them too.


  • The first disadvantage of this is that the soldiers who will get our army from this will not be fully trained. Because the provision for their training has been kept for only six months. Due to this, there can be problems with wielding weapons and fighting, etc.
  • Under this scheme, 75 percent of the youth will be retired every year. Due to this a new crisis will arise in front of their future. However, the government claims that they will be given many opportunities. But in terms of numbers, these changes will prove to be very less.
  • Whoever Agniveer will come after retirement, if he does not get the right opportunity somewhere, then it is possible that he takes the wrong path. Due to this a sudden increase in the number of serious crimes can be registered in society. Because they will already have weapons training.
  • After retiring like regular soldiers, Agniveers will neither be given pension, nor medical facility nor canteen facility. This will increase the burden of expenditure on the youth.
  • If they are not regular then they cannot even be called soldiers. Because only 25 percent of the cadre will be given to the soldiers. Due to this, they will not even have respect in society which is happening today.
  • This will also lower the morale of the soldiers working in the army. Because they will feel that this job is only for four years. So finish and go home.
  • If these ex-servicemen do not get employment anywhere, then they will be forced to do small jobs. Due to this, these people will feel ashamed to call themselves ex-servicemen or Agniveers.


Final Word

In What is Agneepath Scheme, you know what is Agneepath Scheme. If you now know what is Agneepath scheme. So share this article of our What is Agneepath Scheme with your friends also. Also if you have any questions then comment to us below.

Note; Many changes are being made continuously in the Agneepath scheme. Therefore, whenever you apply for any post, before applying, definitely read its official notification carefully.

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