Best Article – What Are The Types of Doctors ( Full Details 2022 )

What Are The Types of Doctors

What Are The Types of Doctors


What Are The Types of Doctors


What Are The Types of Doctors – After getting sick, you must have gone to the doctor many times. Also during that time, you must have seen in the hospital that there are many departments there. In which different diseases are treated inside. But many people are unaware that they do not understand which doctor will examine their disease or how many types of doctors are there.

If this is the case with you too, then read this article of ours till the end. In this article, we will tell you how many types of doctors are there. Also, what are their jobs? So let’s start with What Are The Types of Doctors. ( 100+ Best India Independence Day Images, Photos & Pictures, DP, Status, And Wishes )


What are doctors?


What Are The Types of Doctors – Before knowing how many types of doctors are there, let us know what are doctors. Well, doctors are also common people like us. He just studied a lot. After which they become experts in any one thing. After which those people become experts in the disease, they are called doctors. The work of a doctor deserves a lot of respect and praise. This is the reason why he is called God in our country. There are many such people among us whose life is safe today, it is only because of the doctors.


How many types of doctors are there?


What Are The Types of Doctors – There are many types of doctors. Everyone’s method of treatment is different. Such as doctors of homeopathy, doctors of allopathy, doctors of the Ayurveda system, and medical doctors. Most of these other doctors are such that there is no cure for every disease.

Also, there is no system of operation and needle or stitch inside them. That’s why a medical doctor is one who has the cure for all kinds of diseases. It has many branches. In which different diseases are treated. Let us give you information about some of the major branches of them.


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1. General Physician – This is a general doctor. Which cures all our common ailments. Near this we can show cough, fever, cold, or if there is a slight injury. You will easily find such a doctor’s shop near your home or in the market. Which gives better treatment for less fee. Its special thing is that it can treat women, men, children and old people. Most of the people of the country get treatment from the doctor in this way.

2. Cardiologists – These are the doctors of the heart. If you have any kind of heart problem. As if your heart keeps on hurting. You start feeling short of breath when you walk. There is tension in the veins of the heart. So you can see the heart doctor. This will completely solve your problem. It has a special need in our society because if the diseases related to the heart are not cured at the right time. So it can even kill a human being.

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3. Dentist – This is the doctor of the teeth. The one who examines our teeth. For example, if we see any complaint of pain or tingling in our teeth, then we can contact this doctor. Apart from this, it can also help us in extracting teeth or implanting other teeth. Also, if we get our teeth checked regularly by the doctor in this way, then our teeth will not get spoiled for a long time.

4. Physiatrists – We need this kind of doctor when there is a road accident with us or we fall from somewhere. Its job is to treat the pain of our neck or injury to the spine or any bone etc. This type of doctor’s treatment lasts for several months. It is also very expensive as well. It also helps in improving the health of people with disabilities.

5. Allergist – This is the doctor of an allergist. Whose job is that whenever there is an allergy somewhere in our body, then it is resolved? for which it examines him. Then gives medicine to him. so that it cannot grow anymore. Also, from time to time, it also checks whether the allergy is eradicated from the root or not. Because allergies are such a problem. If not treated properly, then it continues to spread to other parts of the body.

6. Audiologist – This is the doctor of the ear. People who have hearing loss or hearing loss. So this doctor works for him. This doctor first examines their ear. After this, he tells that his problem will be cured by medicine. Otherwise, he is given a machine to put in the ear. If you ever get water in your ear, start hurting or hurt, etc., you can still contact it. Elderly people need this type of doctor the most.

7. Anaesthesiologists – This is not a complete doctor’s job. But its role in the hospital is also very important. Its job is that when a person has to operate, it numbs the part of the operation. Which does not cause pain to that person. The effect of numbness is so much that sometimes the person does not even know what has happened to him. If that part is not numbed, then the operation of a person cannot be done even with a needle.

8. Dermatologists – These are the doctors of our skin. Whenever there is redness of the rash on our skin, then we should contact them. Along with this, problems related to nails and hair can also be seen to some extent. This is a doctor that we all usually need. Because the skin is a kind of outer covering of our body. Therefore, if there is a problem inside it, then directly the face of the person or other things start appearing bad.

9. Critical Care Medicine Specialist – As the name suggests, it takes care of seriously ill people. Especially for people whose life and death are in question. In this way, doctors monitor that patient for 24 hours. When he is out of danger, he is separated from him. In this way, doctors are very experienced. Also, their number is also very less in our country. Also, they are found only in big hospitals.

10. Gastroenterologist – It solves the problems related to your stomach. You can go to it for problems like the digestive system, stomach, bile, and liver. You can also show problems like stomach pain, ulcers, or jaundice in them. They will help you with these too. Also, even if you do not feel like eating and drinking, you can still go to a doctor.

11. Gynaecologist – Such doctors are always pathologists. Especially women contact these doctors for their pregnancies or problems like vagina and breast. Being a female doctor, you will always find these women only. You can also go to them if you have any kind of problem-related to fertility. The special thing is if you do not go to such a doctor out of shame. So you are very wrong. Because here the solution is given by not making fun of your problem.

12. Hematologists – These are doctors related to blood. If you have any kind of problem-related to blood, then you can contact them. They can also help you completely with diseases like blood cells, spleen, blood cells,s or anemia. Also, there are many diseases related to blood. Only the doctors of Zirakt can tell. You can also contact your blood doctor for them.

13. Medical Geneticists – These are doctors of hereditary diseases. Any family that has some kind of hereditary disease within it. He should contact them. He examines them. Then they give information about how it can be ended. Along with this, ways to avoid it are also told. The special thing is that these doctors are very few. Also, by taking their advice, the disease can be prevented from passing on to the next generation.

14. Neurologists – These are doctors related to the nervous system. Inside the nervous system comes our brain and some sensory organs like the spinal cord. If anyone has any problem related to them, then he contacts them. After which they investigate him. After investigation, the solution will be given. Their treatment also lasts a very long time. That’s why sometimes it takes many years to treat a patient.

15. Sleep medicine specialist – If you do not get proper sleep due to any reason then you can contact this doctor. It will give you some sleep medicines and tips. If you adopt it, you will soon start getting full sleep. But we should use medicines for sleep very rarely. Because after getting used to them, it becomes very difficult to get rid of them. Also, in compulsion, one should go to the doctor for such diseases.

16. Pediatricians – These are the doctors of children. Because children have to be treated with a lot of love. That’s why they know how to deal with children. They can be shown to any child under the age of 18. Because they are not experts in any disease. Therefore, they can be shown with the child in every common disease. Usually, their hospitals and doctors are separate. Where it is also written separately. Therefore, they are also a bit more expensive than the common hospital.

17. Orthopedic Surgeon – These are the doctors of the bone. Therefore, if your bone ever breaks or there is any other kind of problem inside it, then you can contact them. When this bone is broken, it is their job to put the rod, and plaster it. For him, he gives solutions to problems related to proper exercise and eating habits. They are needed only in case of a road accident or heavy injury to a person. Because usually, the bone does not break easily.

18. ENT Specialist – He is known to us as a specialist related to the eyes, nose, and throat. If any person has any problem related to them, then they can contact them. It can check all three things and solve the problem related to them. Because the solutions of all these three things are almost the same.

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19. Psychiatrist – We know him in the common language as a doctor of mental illness. Their work starts when a person starts living mentally disturbed. In such circumstances, let’s examine it. Also, give him proper advice. The special thing is that the person who goes to him never feels sick. Nor do they ever operate on it. With some of their advice and medicines, any person gets completely cured within a few months. That’s why they work as both a doctor and a counselor.

20. Radiologist – These people do things like X-Ray, MRIs, and Radiation. A doctor then sends them to them. When on the outside he doesn’t understand what the problem is. After this, these people do an X-ray of the inside of that part. After seeing which doctor can do a better treatment. These people also have the technical knowledge of a doctor. Because they also have to run the X-Ray machine.


Final Word

Today in this article, we told you how many types of doctors are there, hope now you must have understood that how many types of doctors are there.

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