Tyre Recycling Business || How To Start A Tyre Recycling Business ( Best Latest 2022 )

Tyre Recycling Business

Tyre Recycling Business


Tyre Recycling Business


In today’s time, you can unconditionally agree with one of our things that at this time there are a lot of vehicles in our country. Whether it is a city or a village, one or the other vehicle will definitely be found in every house. In many homes, every person has a vehicle. In such a situation, when those vehicles will be running on the road, then they will also need new Tyres after every few months. And when he would have got the new Tyres installed, he would have got his old Tyres removed too.

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These old Tyres have become a big business of today’s time. What we call the business of old Tyres. This is a business with advantages, which can be started at a very low cost. Let us tell you today in this article about Tyre Recycling Business, How To Start A Tyre Recycling Business. Gives information about this.


What is Tyre Recycling Business?


Before we give you information about how to start a Tyre recycling business, let us tell you what is the business of old Tyres. Actually, this is a business that is completely based on old tires. In this, you have to collect old Tyres from the market and make them capable of reuse. If you don’t want to retire them, you can use them for something else.


Types of Business of Used Tyres


  • First of all, you can open a shop for used Tyres. Inside it, you can buy and resell old Tyres. For example, if you bought the rear Tyre of the car, then those people can use it in the front wheel. If you buy a Tyre of a vehicle running on the highway, then it can be used in the village countryside car.
  • Apart from this, you can sell Tyre rubber powder by making it. It is used extensively in footwear, Tyre making company, the oil manufacturing industry, etc.
  • In today’s time furniture is also being made from Tyres. which you can see on the internet. You can easily start this work also.
  • In the end, you smelt a Tyre by separating all the things that come out of it. can be sold in the market. This gives you a good income.


How to Get Started?


Money: To start a used Tyre business, first of all, you will need that you have money. Without money, you can only make plans. Therefore, first of all, you should make arrangements for at least 15 to 20 lakh rupees with you.

If you do not have money at the same time, you can also take a loan from the bank. This loan will be given to you easily in the bank at very low interest. The special thing is that today many schemes of the government are also going on. Under which you are given a loan without interest.

Land: After adding money, you have to see land to do business with old Tyres. The land should always be outside the city and there should be perfectly good arrangements for movement. Apart from this, you should not have problems with electricity there. For this, it would be best that if there is an industrial area around you, then you can rent or buy land there. There you will also get electricity, water and transportation facilities easily.

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License: Lastly, you will also need a license to start your own business. So that you do not have to face any kind of legal hurdle in the future. For this, you can meet any lawyer or businessman. Which will give you a good idea of ​​what kind of license you will need. Also, what will be the process of getting it made? Usually, MSME Registration, Factory License, Pollution Certificate, Business Registration, GST Registration, Labor License, NOC, etc. are required inside it.

Purchase of Machines: After all the work is done you have to purchase the machines. In this, first, you have to see what kind of business you want to do in the old Tyre business. For example, if you want to use up all the material coming out of old Tyres by melting them. Or want to do business of selling old Tyres by making them like new ones. Both of them have good business. You can do business with old Tyres in any way.

When you decide what kind of business you want to do, then buy the machine related to it. You will get the machines easily in the market. Just keep in mind that the cost of these machines will be in lakhs. Therefore, before determining the work, be sure to see its cost.

Truck: To do business with old Tyres, you will also need a truck. Because with its help you can easily bring the old Tyre to your warehouse. Also, it will save your expenses. And you can get old Tyres from any distance.

If your budget is less, then instead of getting a new truck, you can also take a small and old truck. which is running properly. This will get your work done and money will also be saved.

Hiring People: When you are satisfied in every way that your work is about to start, you should hire some people. While keeping people, you should keep in mind that all the people should be hardworking. Also, know in advance how the old Tyre business can be done. If they have work experience then it would be better.

As soon as you have appointed all the people. So have a meeting with them one day. Then tell them about your plan. So that those people can also understand what is your purpose. Just then fix the responsibility of all the people. After that everyone gets busy with their work.


Where to Buy Used Tyres?


The biggest contribution in doing business with old Tyres will be the old Tyres coming to you. That’s why you have to contact people who do the work of selling used Tyres. In this, you will find a big Tyre shop or people who sell and replace Tyres. Apart from this, there are many people who only buy and sell used Tyres. You can buy a lot of Tyres at once from there.

Get in touch with these people and decide your price. After this, you constantly go on buying as many Tyres as you see the need. Try to pick a few people. The ones that do the job of providing the right Tyres. After that, you go on buying Tyres from them continuously. The advantage of this will be that you will not have to worry about the Tyre and its rate again and again.


How Much Will The Profit Be?


Before doing business with old Tyres, this question must have come to your mind how much profit will be in this work? The answer is that if you do the business of old Tyres, then you will make a profit of about 40 percent in the initial period. But as your experience increases. After this, your profit percentage will also increase. Which sometimes goes up to 70 percent. But your mind and strategy also play a very important role in making a profit. So do not think that you will always benefit the most.


Some Thing To Note


  • The used Tyre business is an expensive business. So start this work only then. When you think you have money. Never make a possibility of doing business of old Tyres for less money.
  • In this work, you also have to play the role of a team leader. That’s why you should have the ability to lead that team. Otherwise, your team will never be able to give good results.
  • Try that before starting the business of old Tyres, you should learn to work with an old Tyre businessman for a few months. So that when you start this work, you have already developed a little understanding of the work.
  • The used Tyre business is hard work. So as a boss, if you prefer to work only on papers while sitting in a closed cabin. Then the old Tyre business is not for you.
  • It is not necessary that you start getting benefits immediately in this work. So try not to worry even if you suffer for some time.
  • Feedback is most important in any work. So keep taking feedback from people from time to time. so that you can improve your work.
  • If you want to repair the Tyres and sell them again in the market, then for this it is most important that you must do a good inspection of the Tyres at the end. Because your one mistake can cause any accident on the road. Due to this many people’s lives can be in trouble.


Final Word

Hope you now understand that Tyre Recycling Business, How To Start A Tyre Recycling Business. How to start a used Tyre business. How much will it cost inside? If you liked this article of ours, then you must share it with your friends also. Also, do share your opinion in the comment box.

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