Three Reasons For Unemployment In India [ Latest 2022 ]

Three Reasons For Unemployment In India

Three Reasons For Unemployment In India


Three Reasons For Unemployment In India


Pagal Edit – Unemployment is increasing continuously in our country. The situation is that if we look at the official figures, then in reality there is a problem of unemployment in our country many times more than that. But do you know what is the reason behind the increasing unemployment in our country? It is often asked that write three reasons for unemployment in India.

Therefore, if you do not know what are the three reasons for unemployment in India, then you read this article of ours till the end. In this article, we will tell you three reasons for unemployment in India. Along with this, Berogari will also tell you the solution to unemployment.


What is Unemployment?


Before telling you three reasons for unemployment in India, let us tell you what is unemployment. Actually, any person is said to be unemployed then. When he completes his education and looks for employment later. This employment can be government or private or business also.

If he does not get a chance in any field then he will be called unemployed in the end. And he will be called unemployed until he gets employment on the basis of his merit. If he also employs an employee below his qualification. So we cannot put it in the category of employment. Because this kind of employment cannot satisfy him.

But if a person does not want to do employment by reading and writing, then we cannot call him unemployed.


Three Reasons For Unemployment In India


Well, there are many reasons for unemployment in our country. But here we are going to tell you three reasons for unemployment in India.


Country’s Growing Population


The first of the three reasons for unemployment in India, the first reason for increasing unemployment is that our population is crossing the border. Due to this the problem of inflation and other things is also arising in our country. Due to this population, we feel that unemployment is increasing in our country. Also, people are not getting the full remuneration for the work. Because of the work that people used to do earlier for more money. Today people are doing the same work even at a lower price. Due to this less money is coming into the pockets of the people.

However, some people argue on this that when the population of the country is increasing, then its needs are also increasing. Why can’t employment be created by this? The answer is that today is the era of modern machines. Therefore, employment is not being created according to the needs of the population which has increased.


Why is The Population Increasing?


  • 1. The first reason for the increasing population in our country is that people are still not educated in society. Due to which many times the problems which are arising due to increase in population. can’t understand him.
  • 2. The second reason is that the mentality of the people of our country is still the same that the more children there are, the more will be the income of the family.
  • 3. The third reason is that the desire for a son still dominates among the people. It is often seen in such families that in the absence of a son, many children are born.


The Solution To The Increasing Population?


  • 1. The first and strictest solution to this is that the Population Control Act should be implemented in our country. In which some number of provisions should be made.
  • 2. On the second number, people should be educated that what are the effects of increasing population in the society.
  • 3. The discrimination which is increasing between the son and daughter among the people at number three should be ended. So that people do not produce more and more children in the desire of the son.


Youth Not Being Skilled


If we talk about the second reason for increasing unemployment, then it is that the youth of our country still do not have any kind of skill. Even if they have a BA MA or a bigger degree than this. In this way, those people in the end are not able to do anything even after reading and writing.


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In such a situation, either they search for government jobs. Or they are forced to be called unemployed. Because they are not given a chance in the private sector. Because that’s the kind of work that today’s companies require. Actually, they are not able to do that work even by reading and writing. Due to this even if a company keeps them on the job, it will still be at a loss.


The Reason For The Youth Not Being Skilled?


  • 1. The first reason for this is that our education system is still running on the method of ‘Macaulay’. Which is in dire need of changing today.
  • 2. The second reason is that in our country, if we leave out the government schools, then the private schools are so expensive that the child of a poor man cannot even study in them. Whereas 80 crore population of our country still lives below the poverty line.
  • 3. The third reason is that even today good educational institutions in our country are only in the metropolitan cities. Where not every child of the country can study.


Ways To Make Youth Skilled


  • 1. The pattern of education in our country should be changed in that practice should also be included with theory. So that along with studies, knowledge of work can also be done.
  • 2. The basis of studies should not be decided only by examination. Rather, it is to be seen which student is given the number on the basis of how much skill he has.
  • 3. The quality of education should be improved so that students can get a good education in every institution. Also, it should be made affordable.


Wrong Policies of The Government


The third reason for increasing unemployment in our country is also the wrong policies of the government. Which is pushing the youth towards unemployment. Looking at the situation today, it seems that youth and unemployment are the last issues in the eyes of the government. At the same time, the talk of youth is only about elections.

The result of which is that the youth keeps waiting for the elections all the time when the elections will come, and when they talk of their employment will be on the lips of the leaders. Whereas every year youth are coming out of our country after completing their studies.

The Reason For The Wrong Policies?


1. The first reason for making wrong policies on the part of the government is that there are many such leaders sitting in the central and state government who are either not worthy of that post or they do not have complete knowledge of the problem of the youth.

2. The second reason is that today’s youth is not united. Due to this neither he can ever put pressure on the government, nor can he ever reach his point to the government.

3. The third reason is that today’s youth is engaged on social media. Due to this, he himself does not feel unemployed.


How Do Make The Right Policies?


  • 1. For this, it is most important that we choose our people’s representatives in such a way that they should not only go to the Parliament and talk about the youth. But also work on it.
  • 2. The youth should never come under the guise of religion, and caste and always keep their demand for education and employment at the forefront. Also, keep asking questions on employment to the government and politicians.
  • 3. Today’s young generation has to show restraint and patience. He has to improve his language style and increase his knowledge. So that he can be heard. Because many times they are ignored due to a lack of power in their words.

Today you have learned what are the three causes of unemployment in India, and what are the measures to reduce unemployment. Hope now you have understood that what are the three main causes of unemployment in India.


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