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❤️ Sad Love Story Of A Girl


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❤️ Sad Love Story Of A Girl


Reality Life Quotes in Hindi – There was a girl. very beautiful.

She was as beautiful as she was honest.

Don’t lie to anyone, and don’t talk nonsense to anyone.

Just mind your own business.

“There was a boy in the same class. He was deeply in love with her.

The boy often used to do small things for him.

In return, when the girl smiled and said thank you, the boy’s happiness knew no bounds.

Once upon a time. Both the people were going home together.

Then it started raining heavily.

Both had to stop under a tree, the tree was very small.

The raindrops were trickling down from it.

In such a situation, both came very close to each other to avoid rain.

Seeing the girl so close, the boy could not control his emotions.

Proposed his girl.

The girl also wanted him in her heart.

That’s why she also agreed.

And in this way the love of both of them started rising.

Once upon a time, the girl was waiting for the boy under the same tree.

The boy came very late.

Seeing him, the girl said angrily, ‘Why did you come so late?

I had lost my life.

Hearing this, the boy said, ‘Sweetheart, where did I go away from you, I live in your heart only.

If you don’t believe then ask your heart.’

After listening to this lovely talk of the boy, the girl

Anger was forgotten and she ran and hugged the boy.

One day both the people were talking sitting under the same tree.

The girl was sitting on the support of the tree and the boy was lying with his head on her lap.

That’s why the girl said, “Darling, now I can’t tolerate your separation from me.”

Even a moment without you seems like 100 years to me.

You marry me, otherwise I will die.

The boy quickly put his hand on the girl’s mouth and said, “My dear, don’t talk like this.

Do it, if something happens to you, how will I be alive.

Then he thought something and said, “Don’t worry, I will talk to my family soon.”

Slowly a lot of time passed.

Once upon a time Both the people were sitting under the same tree.

At that time the boy’s face was lowered.

When asked by the girl, he said in tears, “Dear, I explained a lot to my family members, but they are not ready for our marriage.”

He has fixed my marriage somewhere else.” Hearing this, the girl’s heart burst.

He felt like crying out loud” but he

She controlled her emotions and said, “I have truly loved you, I can never forget you.”

“Please forgive me..!” said the boy softly, “by the way, if you want, we can be good friends from now on.”

The girl started crying loudly after hearing this.” The boy explained to her and then both the people went to their respective homes crying.

In no time, the day of the boy’s marriage arrived.

The boy was sure that his friend would definitely come to his wedding. But it did not happen. Yes, he did receive a gift pack sent by the girl.

The boy opened it with trembling hands. He fainted on seeing her.

The gift pack contained nothing but a blood-soaked girl’s heart.

And there was a letter along with it, in which it was written – Hey crazy, at least take your heart, otherwise what will you give to your wife?

Friends, the most beautiful feeling of our life is love.

What happens to us and everyone but can we adopt it, sometimes we are wrong, sometimes the partner is wrong, both are right, the family members are wrong, but what love is wrong, otherwise “love friends but don’t play around”.

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