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Love Story


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Love Story


Love Story – Love Of The Past – I had gone to your office to meet you, and you soon called me inside, I was sitting in front of you, but I do not know why I was not feeling any sense of belonging today

Even though the constant running time changes everything in a man’s life, his attitudes and circumstances, in the course of time, some moments of man’s life remain untouched under the iceberg of the heart.

Whom neither time can change in the whole life, nor the man himself can erase, even after a long time, have I been able to erase even wishing to write that which time once wrote on the pages of my past

Today, after how many days I was alone in the house, that too on a holiday, my mother-in-law went to a relative’s house with my son Aryan and husband Rajiv, I wanted to sleep after getting leisure time,

But after finding loneliness, the pages of the past had started to flutter a little too much, even without wanting, you were missing a lot, as well as those untold questions were also coming to the fore,
Whose answers I wanted to ask you, but I found the answers myself

I believe that both of us have come so far in life that now those questions have no meaning, yet I feel that at some point we both wanted each other by breaking up. ( Beautiful Happy Birthday Images )

You used to be in every imagination of my future, then why did you leave my life silently, why did you snatch the colors of my life leaving me alone? Rejecting without guilt,
I still feel the hurt of the one who insulted me

Even though we had never said ‘I love you to each other, we both knew at that young age that our love was not a word of mouth.

Without speaking, you made me feel your love so deeply that I could not even think of living with anyone other than you, from the first year in college, both of us lived together in the sun and shade of life.

Even one day you don’t see me in college, so I used to keep every single flower given to you hidden from the eyes of everyone hanging around my house.

Only a full Herbarium of flowers was ready

In your relaxed and carefree life, the worry about your job was also due to me, this concern made you completely responsible, which was clearly visible on your face.

How not to worry? Didn’t get any good job, so your father himself is on such a big post, what would you hand over to a boy from a simple family like me?

The beauty of your house is also not less, seeing which I start getting nervous from a distance. I must have at least a high rank to have you


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Then you decided to leave M.Tech in the middle and take admitted to a coaching center in Mumbai.

You said, “If I want to live in a society with respect, to get your love, then I have to go to Mumbai and then I will come back to your life with pride. This is my promise. wait for me.”

This self-confidence of yours gave me the courage to wait for you, after doing B. Tech, I kept postponing my marriage on the pretext of doing another course, the whole four years passed, but you did not take any news of me,

Papa wanted to get rid of his responsibilities by marrying me as soon as possible I was waiting for your message momentarily waiting for you to come, but neither you came nor any of your messages came

My patience was running out, and while caring about you, I could not even be careless towards my family.

I could not insult everyone for the honor of one

How did you even talk to your father about you, you did not leave any ground, but there was also a hesitation, woman, accessible, shame, and family culture, which kept my lips like me, I had to bow down to the will of my father,

You may have humiliated me by making me angry, but I could not humiliate and hurt my father with my conduct, so I had to accept the marriage arranged by him

The wedding rituals had started, I was the bride, but there was no happiness on my face, there was no joy in my mind, the eyes were filled with tears, which people were thinking of the pain of leaving the maternal uncle, destiny also did not know how with us- how does the gameplay

There were only four days left in the marriage, then Radha, who used to be our classmate, told me that today you have met her, you have become an IAS officer and after completing your training, you have returned to Patna. Want to meet all your old classmates?

I was stunned to hear all this, even after so many days I got the news when all my preparations for getting into a new relationship with rituals were completed, my heart was wishing that there is still time, breaking all the bonds, you come near,

Then the mind controlled the heart, why didn’t you send the news after the training was over? Why didn’t you come earlier? To be honest, at that time the suffocation was unbearable, the legs were numb, I sat on the bed with dhamma

How could you have had such great faith in you, till now your conduct had given me nothing but suffocation, pain, humiliation, if you had broken all your relations with me, then you would have clearly told me,

Only the illusion of your love would have been broken, considering your silence as yes, now I could not be the reason for the humiliation and stigma of my birth mother, could not tarnish both the clan

How strange is the movement of the mind, without which I could not even imagine living, with which countless dreams of the future were woven, I wrapped all the memories of him like waste paper and put them in the havan Kund of marriage and stepped with a stranger. Take seven rounds step by step, had moved ahead in life with her wholeheartedly

Coming to the in-laws’ house, I was trying to follow the rituals and duties properly, but I thought that you would start dreaming of your dreams, in place of Rajiv, you would have appeared in my mind,

Knowing that life is going on its own terms, it is pointless to think about you, slowly two years have passed, in these years a lot of changes came in my life, anyway after marriage both the direction and condition of girls’ life only changes,

Which gives him the power to face the catastrophe also, in the attempt to reconcile with new people in the new environment, his whole personality changes, a new soul different from before enters him,

In which every old thing in his life remains only a shadow of the past. Anyway, the speed of time is so fast that it takes away all the destructive elements of life, then a new creation begins,

The call of a new world I too was busy in a new creation, in these past years, all my unresolved and unanswered questions may not be answered, but a change definitely came in me, I slowly started loving Rajiv very much,

When a new guest began to arrive in me, his heartbeat began to be heard inside me, all destructive thoughts ended, the excitement of his arrival automatically started gathering dust on your memories,

I became attached to the people living in this house, I was so attached to every happiness and sorrow of this house that everything here had become my own. I’m disillusioned with you

Rajeev also started loving me a lot and used to give me a lot of respect, I was happy that he had also met the criteria of my parents, so my parents were also happy to see my happiness.

Just one thing was always swirling in my mind once I should come face to face with you and ask the answers to my unresolved questions, I should ask you what was the reason for making me angry like this. I had got that chance too.


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When I passed the written exam of P.hd and went to Delhi to give an interview, you were also on the interview board. I was already nervous. Seeing you sitting in front, my mind was even more nervous, but you are as narrow and silent as before. sitting looking at me

When it was your turn to ask questions, you asked me questions with a very friendly attitude.

I liked having you there. After the interview, when I came out and sat on the bench on the campus, it was difficult to control my heartbeat. The intimacy that was felt during the interview.

She reminded me of the intimacy between us years ago, I was still confused when your driver came and said to me, “I have been sent by sir, let me drop you home.”

Standing far away you were smiling, then I thought that I was not wrong, you still love me, want to be with me was

A magnetic force started pulling me towards you, my peace of years was disturbed, once again my mind started running after false dreams, after a few days the result of P.hd also came, I had passed the exam

once again I was in Delhi I went to your office to meet you soon you called me inside I was sitting in front of you but I don’t know why I was not feeling any sense of belongingness today

The decency to become an IAS officer was visible from your face, you were looking very smart looking at me, looking at me with restlessness, you changed the aspect and said “You have got admission in P.hd, very happy to know that

My heartiest congratulations to you, you are prepared to join, I have to go for a job. You had got up, I had also come out with you, I had returned home, I had a feeling that what I was thinking here for a few days,

It was just my illusion, with time now your thinking had changed

That’s why it was true that you left me like today, the deceit of everyone else’s eyes. In the changing environment, the childhood love of Tarunai, in your eyes was probably proved to be foolishness and madness, then you forgot everything easily

When I came home, Aryan ran and hugged me, because of his voice, the sleeping strings of my mind were tangled, I cried by putting him on my chest. Even after not understanding the reason for crying, Rajiv went ahead and took care of me.

I rested my head on Rajiv’s chest After a long storm, I felt a deep peace, I had found answers to all my questions, now this was the truth, this was my world, this was my love

All the rest was just an illusion, then my sleep was disturbed by the sound of the call bell, the pages of the past were closed by themselves, the mind started groping the reality and connecting with it, maybe the people of the house had come back


Happy is he who lives
love the body
because love with soul
often saw those who did it in agony


Final Word

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