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How Much Is The IPC Section

How Much Is The IPC Section
How Much Is The IPC Section


How Much Is The IPC Section


What are IPC and CRPC?


How Much Is The IPC Section; You must have heard about the police section on TV and in newspapers. Whenever a criminal commits a crime. So it is told from the police that under which sections a case has been registered against it. But if you do not know yet how many police sections are there, then read this article of ours till the end. In this article, we will tell you what is a stream. How Much Is The IPC Section as well as what is CrPC? How do these sections play an important role in the work of the police?


What is IPC?


How Much Is The IPC Section Before giving you information about this, let us give you information about what is IPC. IPC is a kind of book of the law in which information has been given about what punishment will be given for which crime. Its full name is the Indian Penal Code. You must have seen that when the judge in the court sentences a criminal, he says that the punishment of one year’s rigorous imprisonment and such a fine is like this section while making such a criminal.

If we talk about the adoption of IPC, then it was adopted in the year 1860. Whereas in the year 1862 it was implemented. During this time the first Law Commission was constituted. Whose chairman was Lord Macaulay? Under his leadership, the draft of the IPC was prepared. After which it was introduced in the Parliament. After passing from there, it was implemented in the country in the year 1962. That is why it is said many times that our police system is still of British times.


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The motive behind bringing this type of IPC was the same that only one law should be applied in the whole country. Which is applicable to every religion, sect, and caste. So that all people are equal in the eyes of law. Also, due to its arrival, the police could not do injustice to anyone. For your information, let us tell you that IPC is the biggest law in India. If a criminal is proved guilty under any section of the IPC, then his final punishment is given through this.


How many sections are given in IPC?


Let us now tell you How Much Is The IPC Section, a total of 511 sections have been given in it. Also, all these sections are divided into 23 chapters. By which we can easily know the punishment of any crime inside it. They are divided on the basis of crime. However, it also keeps on changing from time to time. Because the nature of crime also changes with time. For example, when it was made, it would hardly have been imagined that digital fraud would also happen to people at one time. Cybercrime will also increase. Hence such an offense was added to it later.

What is CRPC?


Now you know How Much Is The IPC Section, after this let us tell you what is CRPC. It also plays an important role in the work of IPC and the Police. If we talk about the full form of CrPC, then this is the Code of Criminal Procedure, inside information is given that how the police will investigate any kind of crime. What will be his process? The draft of CRPC was prepared in the year 1973.


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Whereas it was implemented in the year 1974. The main purpose of bringing this up was that the police should not harass any criminal unnecessarily. Because it has been seen many times that the police unnecessarily torture any criminal in the name of investigation.

It has been told inside the CrPC how the evidence will be collected, how the offender will be granted bail, what documents will be required for bail, how it will be applied, what will be the work of the lawyer in the court, what will be the work of the judge, police What will be the work of the accused, how will the accused be arrested, how will he be treated in jail, when and how will he be brought to the court. All such things are given under CRPC.


Description of the process of investigation within the IPC


  • First of all, the investigation of crime has been told.
  • After this, how will the suspects be treated? This information has been given.
  • How the crime evidence will be collected and how it will be collected.
  • In the end, it will be settled on the fact that whoever is guilty. Is he a criminal or not?


How is the section imposed in IPC?


Next, we are going to give you some examples, with the help of which you can understand that when a person commits a crime or a crime, then how the IPC section is imposed on him. Also how the stream is selected.

Example: Suppose you are taking your car on the road and there is a sign board on the side that here you cannot drive above the speed of 80 KM/H but you drive above it. Now you have broken a rule of law. In that case, it will be punished. It has been mentioned in section 279 of the IPC. It has been told that if someone drives a negligent vehicle on the road, then he will have to pay a fine. But if he does not pay the fine, then there is a provision of imprisonment for six months. The police can put you in jail under this section for this crime.


Why do big criminals sometimes escape from the police?


You have learned above that How Much Is The IPC Section? This question must have come to your mind when there are so many laws in our country, how do criminals escape many times. Let us also explain this to you through an example.

Example 1: Suppose a person is walking on a deserted road and he is stopped by five people together. Intimidating and then snatching his mobile, purse, and gold chain worn around his neck. After this, the next day news is published in the newspaper that five people robbed a person in broad daylight. Due to this, the discussion starts in the whole city.

Second example: After this, a few days later in the same city, two masked miscreants enter the bank in the nighttime in a bank and break the locker and run away with three crore rupees. The next day news appeared in the newspaper that two people had robbed the bank. After this, again people in the city get into a lot of panic.


Definition of both these offenses in IPC


If we look at this crime under the IPC, then it has been told in it that at least five people are necessary to commit dacoity. Also, robbery is possible only by intimidating a human being. That is, the definition of an incident of snatching a person’s belongings is given in the IPC as dacoity. Which we cannot consider such a big crime in common language. { Girl Whatsapp DP }

Whereas in a bank robbery it is said that two people go to the bank and run away with the money. For this, he neither intimidated nor held anyone hostage. Hence it will be considered an incident of theft in IPC. Knowing it may sound strange to you, but the definition of law has been given in the IPC in a similar way. That is, incident happening in the bank is very common.

In this way, you must have understood which criminal will be given more punishment and which criminal will be given less punishment. Whereas in reality, the crime is quite the opposite. In this way, you can understand why sometimes serious criminals get away from the law despite everything.


Major Sections of IPC


Next, we are going to give you information about the major sections of IPC. Because it is not possible to give information about 511 sections here. So we are going to tell you only about the major streams. About which the common man should also know along with the police.


  • Under section 13, gambling or betting of any kind has been described.
  • Section 141 goes against the law for any kind of assembly or assembly of more than five people. It is called
  • Section 144 in common language. Which is applied in case of emergency. Inside which the internet can also be turned off.
  • Giving or taking bribes to anyone is included under section 161.
  • Taking or giving bribes in the election under section 171.
  • Under section 186, if any person obstructs government work, he will be prosecuted under IPC section 186.
  • Destroying evidence within section 201.
  • Murder or murder of any person under section 302.
  • Punishment for using weights of wrong weight under section 264.
  • Section 267 to adulterate any medicine or drug.
  • Spreading obscenity in society by any person under section 292.
  • Section 153A is imposed on those people who try to spread hatred among people on the basis of religion, language, and race.
  • Adulteration of food and drink under section 372.
  • Selling obscene books in the market under section 292.
  • Section 306 Committing suicide or abetting anyone. Because committing suicide is an offense under IPC and it has also been punished.
  • Section 307 provides for punishment under section 307 if a person causes hurt to any person with the intention of killing him but that person has not died.
  • The kidnapping of any person under section 362.
  • Section 392 punishes for committing robbery.
  • In section 365, whenever someone kidnaps a person, then section 365 of the IPC applies, in which a provision of seven years imprisonment and a fine is given.
  • Cheating on someone under section 310.
  • Section 420 to acquire property by fraud or dishonesty.
  • Making or printing counterfeit notes in any manner under section 489.
  • Marrying someone by fraud under section 493.
  • Under section 494, if the husband or the wife is alive, the second marriage takes place.
  • Section 496: The forced marriage of a boy or a girl without her will.


Final Word


You have learned in this article that if you now know How Much Is The IPC Section of the Police, then definitely share this post of ours with your friends also. So that they can also know what is the section of the police. If you have any questions or suggestions then also comment below.

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