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Emotional Love Story


Emotional Love Story


Emotional Love Story


Emotional Love Story – This Emotional Love Story is my story of when I enrolled in graduation after my intermediate exam and my first love hurt me so much that I still could not overcome that pain

I decided to attend classes after admission in graduation because I wanted to move beyond that pain, wanted to do something in my life

I still remember that first day of college, when I was in class, all the boys and girls were increasing their identity with the girls, and I was lost somewhere like a mist,

Every day I used to go to college “every day I mean when the college was open” and I would go and sit on a corner seat and just get lost somewhere.

Days passed like this, I did not know that someone was watching over me because I used to be lost somewhere in my own tune.

But some friends told me that someone is keeping an eye on me, I ignored them because they used to say such things often.

But I did not know that maybe he is telling the truth this time, but I felt strange when I really realized that yes there is someone who is watching me

But still, I ignored it because I did not want that my heart should be broken again.

But one day she suddenly came to me and sat on the chair next to me.
and quote: Hii I am Taylor,

I thought for a while and then said hesitantly: Hey I am John,

And then I ignored her and she left and later I realized that I shouldn’t have done this to her.

And I thought that tomorrow I will go to the college and apologize to him and I went to the college the next day.

But after going there I came to know that she has not come and after investigating for some time I came to know that her health is bad.


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And for a week the doctor told her to take a rest and as soon as I came to know about this, I started feeling that for a week more I would think every day about when she would come to college.

finally, she came to college on Saturday I went to her without wasting time
and said: Hii ‘ Taylor ‘

He ignored me and I felt bad but I told him again: Hii ‘ Taylor ‘

I’m Really Sorry I shouldn’t have talked to you like this

On hearing this, she said: You, you will not do this again anywhere, will you?

I smiled and said no Baba

So he said: Friends? I also said: Ok friends!

Then we started talking and she told me that she was observing me from that 1st day itself and she asked me why are you so silent

Then I took a pause and said nothing and he asked me everything by giving his oath with great love and after that our conversation became even deeper.

We talked to each other in Mob No. Exchanged and then we started talking for hours, in the meantime, our graduation was completed, and I got my job.

And we started spending more time with each other.

One day suddenly I get a call from her and she says nervously: R.R.R.R. John

I said Taylor, what happened Taylor, then what he told, the ground under my feet was eroded, he said John Papa has fixed my marriage, I said: what and you didn’t say anything,

So he told me that he has also come to know, I explained to him that wait, I will come to you tomorrow with my family and we will talk about marriage.

The next day I reached him to my family and I introduced him to my family and he introduced me to his family.

And then our family started talking to each other and in the end, his family refused just because our caste was not the same.

I, my family, and Taylor himself also explained to my father but he did not listen and threatened to speed up his marriage, snatched his mobile, and locked him in a room.

When I came to know about this, I panicked and convinced his mother to let me talk to Taylor for the last time.

And he called me in the evening when his father did not live and said John this is the last time after this nothing should remain between you two and went away after giving the phone to him.


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He grabbed the phone and there was a conversation between me ie John and ie Taylor:

Taylor: Hello.

John: You, are you okay?

Taylor: I’m fine and yes, don’t be afraid that I will commit suicide, don’t worry, I won’t do anything like that (John came to life)

John: Let me say one thing!

Taylor: Absolutely;
John: How good would it be if there was no such thing as caste in the world, then life would be so good;

Taylor: Yes it is but it is not!
John: I know I’m going to lose a lot in life!

Taylor: You may get a lot better after losing something, that’s why don’t think too much (Trying to convince me)
John: I don’t want anything man, just get you, that’s enough;

Taylor: No, I want a better girl for you than me,
John: But my heart likes you,

Taylor: Yes, the one who loves you a lot, gives you lots of happiness, and also gives you a little cute little angel;
John: You speak everything so easily:

Taylor: Yes (saddened because it is not easy for anyone to give their love to another)
John: Let’s run somewhere man where only you and me

Taylor: No, I respect both your family and my family and can’t see their bowed heads, I’m helpless!

John: I am too but I will not be able to love anyone other than you

Taylor: It is not necessary to always find love, you will always be in my heart even when you are away, I will miss you a lot
John: Me too “I know you’re crying”

Taylor: Who else can understand me better than you
John: Don’t cry, I like the smile on your face, not your runny nose

Taylor: First you stop crying
John: Me, where am I crying

Taylor: Maybe you’re forgetting, no one can understand you better than me
John: I love you man I don’t know how I will live without you

Taylor: Time will make everything right;
John: I wish! Know everything is fine!

Taylor: Good Bye It’s time for Papa to arrive.
John: And we disconnected the call while crying.

If I wanted, I would have married Taylor without the consent of her family members and my family was ready for this.

But on the other hand, when I saw Taylor’s father, I felt wrong because of my one mistake, Taylor would have been away from her family forever.

And Taylor is never happy with this and I can’t forgive myself for the rest of my life so I decided to forget Taylor

My love was true but maybe it was not acceptable to the above and I never wanted to adopt Taylor against his family

Maybe that’s why my love remained incomplete even after being true, but I am proud that I have also had such love.

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love with sorrow
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as much as you want
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