Biography of Lord Krishna [ Latest 2022 ]

Biography of Lord Krishna

Biography of Lord Krishna


Biography of Lord Krishna


How was Lord Krishna born: Lord Krishna has special significance among Hindu deities. It is believed that when injustice and atrocities increase on the earth, Lord Krishna will take birth again on earth to end it. After which it will be proved once again that unrighteousness can never be victorious.

But if you do not know about Lord Krishna yet, then read this article of ours till the end. In this article, we will introduce you to the entire life and story of Lord Krishna and the life of Shri Krishna. Along with this, he will tell an interesting story of his birth, which very few people know.


Who was Shri Krishna Lord


Lord Krishna is very popular among Hindu deities. Today his birthday is celebrated every year with great pomp every year as Janma Ashtami. Also, they are worshiped in homes and temples. It is believed that Lord Krishna always protects the one who worships Shri Krishna. So that no one can ever harm him. This is the reason that today the devotees of Shri Krishna are spread not only in the country but all over the world. His idol is installed in every temple.


How was Shri Krishna born?


The story of the birth of Shri Krishna is very long and exciting. Let us now tell you the entire life story of Lord Krishna in detail so that you can understand that Lord Krishna really came to earth at the time of demons and demons.

Biography of Lord Krishna: There was a time when unrighteousness and injustice were increasing continuously on the earth, then all this was not being seen from the mother earth. So she took the form of a cow and went to Lord Brahma and Vishnu and started saying that now you have to do something. Otherwise, there will be a disaster on earth. After which God decided that now he himself will take the form of a human and will incarnate on the planet and end all this. He will come for this work as the eighth child.

Biography of Lord Krishna (Rise of Kansa): It is said that there used to be a king Ugrasen in the city of Gokul. His son was Kansa. Kansa was so evil that he had put his own father in the prison. On which the guard of many soldiers was seated. Used to say that I am the king of this city. Nothing can happen without my permission. Kansa was so afraid that because of his fear, the people of the whole city could never speak anything.

Kansa also had a cousin, Devaki. She was the daughter of Devak, the younger brother of Kansa’s father. Kansa loved that sister very much. He had decided that he would marry her with great pomp.

Biography of Lord Krishna (Sister’s Marriage): For which Kansa sends a young man named Vasudev a proposal for marriage to his sister. Vasudev gets ready for the marriage. After which her sister and Vasudev agree to tie the knot.

After this, Kansa solemnizes the marriage of his sister Devaki with shehnai and musical instruments. He gives a lot of wealth as a gift to his sister. so that he would never suffer.

But at the end of the farewell, Kansa becomes very emotional. It is said that I had brought up my sister Devaki with so much love, and now she is going to her in-laws’ house. For this, Kansa decides that he too will go on a chariot to drop his sister to her in-laws’ house. To which no one has any objection. Kansa also sits on the same chariot and the chariot moves forward.

The chariot continues to move fast on the road suddenly there is a prophecy in the middle of the way that ‘O Kansa, the sister you leave with Vasudeva, the eighth boy born from the womb of that sister will come as your time and will kill you. Kansa at first takes this prediction lightly, but at the very next moment, he understands that some solution has to be done so that the sister does not have the eighth child. So that this prediction turns out to be wrong.

For which he decides why not kill Vasudev right now. Due to this neither the bamboo nor the flute will play. But hearing his decision, his sister Devaki starts joining hands in front of him. She says brother if you have to kill me then kill me. It is not Vasudeva’s fault. So don’t do this injustice to him.

Biography of Lord Krishna (Prisoner in Jail): In the midst of this debate, a way out is made that Vasudev and sister Devaki will live as prisoners in Kansa’s palace. Then as soon as a child is born to them, he will hand it over to Kansa at the same time. After which Kansa will kill him at the same time. So that there is no danger to him in the future.

Her sister and Vasudev agree with this decision. Because Kansa was so cruel that he could do anything in a minute. At last, the chariot comes back and Vasudeva and Kansa’s sister is kept under strict guard by the soldiers. So that no mistake can happen.


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Biography of Lord Krishna (Birth of the first child): During this difficult time, the time comes when Kansa’s sister is going to have a child. But as soon as the first child is born, it is handed over to Kansa as promised. Which Kansa kills by slamming him on the ground in a very cruel way. Kansa’s sister is unable to see her first child die like this and faints. After some time he regains consciousness. But Kansa was Kansa.

Similarly, this cycle continues. As soon as Kansa’s sister has a child. Kansa kills him at the same time. For years, no one could explain this injustice to Kansa, nor could Vasudev and his wife do anything. Because he was heavily guarded by the soldiers. Due to this, he could not keep a single step out of the prison. There was no talk of escaping from prison. So far seven children of Devaki had been killed in the same way at the hands of Kansa.

Biography of Lord Krishna (Birth of the eighth child): In the same way, the time comes that the eighth child is going to be born to Kansa’s sister. Which was told in the prophecy as the time of Kansa. As soon as Kansa comes to know that the time has come for the eighth child, he tightens the guard of the soldiers. He also starts monitoring himself from time to time. So that in any way the eighth child could not be saved. Because it was said that if the eighth child survives, then he will grow up and destroy him.

Only then does a friend of Vasudev get to know that his friend Vasudev is in jail these days? Which makes him very sad. In those days his wife is also pregnant. Which is going to be a child after a few months. Due to this, he is able to feel Vasudev’s trouble to a great extent. But due to being locked in the prison, Vasudev and his meeting are not possible in any way.

Biography of Lord Krishna (Miracles of Lord Shri Krishna): After this, the time comes when the eighth child is born to Kansa’s sister. But then a miracle happens. With the birth of the eighth child, a bright light spreads throughout the prison. The child suddenly assumes a big form and says I am not a child. I have come only to kill Kansa. Put me in the basket and leave your friend’s house and bring the child born to him and hand it over to Kansa. That’s when the miracle ends and reappears in the form of a child.

After this Vasudev sees that the doors of the prison are opened automatically. The handcuffs in the hands break. The soldiers deployed by Kansa fall into a deep sleep. Due to this, all fear ends in their mind.

Just then Vasudev in the form of Shri Krishna’s child puts it in the basket and is carrying it in the tumultuous waves of the Ganges. Only then the wave of the Ganges becomes so strong in the middle that it becomes difficult for them to move forward. Seeing this, Lord Krishna hangs his feet from the basket. After which the whole wave calms down. It is believed that this is happening because Ganga also wanted to touch the feet of Shri Krishna. So that he too can contribute something in this holy time.

Vasudev then narrates the whole story to his friend. So he says that today a girl child has been born to me. You leave Shri Krishna with me and take that girl and give it to Kansa.

Just then Vasudev takes that girl back to the prison. Come back and see. All the doors of the prison are open. Soldiers are in deep sleep. As soon as they enter the prison. Then again he gets handcuffed in his hands. The soldiers wake up.

Only then do the soldiers learn that the eighth child has been born. He conveys this information to Kansa. But as soon as Kansa comes to know that the eighth child is a girl, he starts laughing out loud. Hearing the news of the girl, Kansa says that it seems. God was also afraid of him. Only then a girl was born instead of a boy. That’s when he comes to the prison and tries to hit the girl on the ground to kill him.

But instead of falling to the ground, the girl flies in the air. And tells Kansa hey Kansa, will you kill me, the one who killed you himself has taken birth on this earth. The one you wanted to kill is already out of your prison. Now just the end of your iniquity is drawing near.

Biography of Lord Krishna (Slaughter of Kansa): After this Shri Krishna grows up and comes and kills Kansa. After which Kansa’s father Ugrasen is also freed from prison. Which was taken prisoner by Kansa. Again he is given the throne. Since then every year the birth of Shri Krishna is celebrated as Janma Ashtami with great pomp not only in the whole country but all over the world.


What happens on the day of Janmashtami?


Every year Ashtami of Bhadra month is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna. Which comes in the month of August or September. Temples are decorated in a grand way on this day. People come to visit the temples. At the same time, children sit in the form of Krishna. As it is 12 o’clock at the night, it is believed that Krishna has been born in the temple. People celebrate their happiness in their own way. People take blessings of Lord Krishna. So that their life may be happy.


Final Word

Hope you must have known the complete life story of Lord Krishna. If you have understood this interesting episode of the introduction of this Shri Krishna, then definitely share this article of ours with your friends as well. Also, if you have any suggestions or questions, then comment below.

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