Best 2022 – How To Start Agarbatti Business

How To Start Agarbatti Business

How To Start Agarbatti Business


How To Start Agarbatti Business


How To Start Agarbatti Business – Friends, at present unemployment, has increased a lot in our country and many people are sitting unemployed. Friends, we should think of doing something new.

Friends, business is such a thing that a person can become a very big man. Friends, so today we are going to talk about a similar business in this post, which is very easy and good business for you to do, so today we are going to talk about the incense sticks business.


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Friends, the Agarbatti business is a very good business, and the person doing this business is never at a loss, friends, in this business, you do not need to invest much, nor do you need a big factory, friends, you can do this business from your home. can start.

Friends, in today’s post we will provide you with complete information about the incense sticks business. Friends, today we will tell you how to start the Agarbatti business. How much money do you need to spend to start the Agarbatti business? What machines are required to make incense sticks to do incense sticks business? And how much does this machine cost?


Agarbatti Business


How To Start Agarbatti Business – Friends, there are many religions in our country and people of every religion need incense sticks, this is their religious belief, in today’s time people worship the god of their religion in the morning and evening. Therefore, if you start this business, then you get a lot of profit, and friends, it is very easy to start an Agarbatti business, and you can start it easily.

Friends, our country is at the forefront of religious beliefs and religious work, people believe in every religion and worship everything, it is their faith and they use incense sticks more and more. ( Instagram Bio For Boys )

Friends, if your Agarbatti business is very big, then you can sell your incense sticks in foreign countries including India, friends, because Indians are also very much abroad, so Indians living abroad also worship their religion and that too this faith. Believe and they also need incense sticks, so you can take your business of incense sticks abroad also.


How To Start Agarbatti Business?


How To Start Agarbatti Business – Friends, you will be happy to know that there is very little risk in the incense stick business as compared to other businesses because in this business you have to spend very little and you get good cost, friends, to do this business you need more machines and a bigger factory. do not require. Friends, you can start this business from home and gradually make your business big and build a big business.


Important information related to incense sticks business


Friends, every businessman must know that before starting any business, we should get complete information about that business and if we do not get information about that business, then we should know about that business. Trying to get as much information as possible. So let’s know what is that important information.

  • Friends, before starting the Agarbatti business, you have to decide how much you want to invest in this business, if you want to start this business on a large scale, then you will have to invest more in it but you should start with less investment.
  • Friends, if you want to be successful in the Agarbatti business and you want that there should not be any hindrances in the incense stick business, then you need to get complete information about this business, you can get this information from YouTube, Google, or from any friend who is in this business. Have done business before or are doing it now, get information about this business from him and make sure that you are right or wrong.
  • Friends, to do an incense sticks business, you have to ensure a place where you want to do incense sticks business. If you want to do this business on a large scale then you will need the property for a good factory for your business and you will have to buy property according to how big your factory is put.
  • Friends, fix a fixed time for doing business, at which time you want to start your business, and try to start your business at this time which you have decided.
  • Friends, the most important thing to start an Agarbatti business is raw material. Make sure that how much raw material you are going to invest in this business and how much product you are going to make and accordingly you have to prepare a list.
  • Friends, there should be enough raw material for the number of products that are going to be made in it. Prepare a list of the expenses involved in incense sticks packaging.


Where to get raw materials for the incense sticks business?

Friends, to start the Agarbatti business, you need raw materials, from where can you get this raw materials in India, friends, there are many places in India where raw materials are sold to make incense sticks from those places. You can take raw materials for the incense sticks business, friends or you can also buy raw materials online, there are many such websites from where you can get the raw materials easily at your home. Friends, you can contact the following places to buy raw materials, in these places you get raw materials.

  • Kolkata
  • Hyderabad
  • Delhi
  • Ahmedabad


Cost to start Agarbatti business?


Friends, you can start an Agarbatti business from your home also. Friends, it is very easy to make incense sticks, you can also make it with your own hands and if you do not buy a machine to make incense sticks and you want to make incense sticks with your own hands, friends or you have workers or your family members will help you. Friends, to start the business of incense sticks, you need about 16 to ₹ 17000.

Friends, by investing so much money, your business can start easily. And if you want to start a big business in which you need a machine, friends, this machine is automatic, you need to put raw material in it, just then this machine does all the work, then for this you will have to invest about ₹ 600000. is required.


Profits in incense Agarbatti business?


Friends, the Agarbatti business is the only business in which there is never any recession, the business of incense stick business never goes down, this business continues for 12 months, friends, a person needs incense sticks only for 12 months, so if you are thinking this If this business may slow down, then your thinking is wrong and there is very little chance of the incense stick business slowing down.

Friends, if you invest something in the incense sticks business, then you get double it, friends, because this business is a whole year business. If you make 40 kg to 50 kg incense sticks daily, then you can earn from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 1600 in 1 day sitting at home.



Friends, this was some important information about starting the business of incense sticks. Friends, in today’s post, we learned How To Start Agarbatti Business?, How can you start your Agarbatti business? Friends and today we have learned about some important information related to the incense sticks business. Friends and if you still have any questions in your mind then you can ask us by commenting, we will try our best to answer your comment.

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