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Bedtime Stories For Kids

Bedtime Stories For Kids


Bedtime Stories For Kids


Story 1 – Consistency Effect


Bedtime Stories For Kids – John and Rock were two brothers, both of whom studied in the same class. John was very smart at reading. But his brother used to run away from his studies. John’s friends were excellent at studies and on the other hand, Rock’s friends were not interested in reading at all, they used to run away from studies. After seeing all this, John tells his brother Rock to stay away from his friends, but Rock does not listen to his brother and tells him to take care of his work.

One day Rock was going to school with his brother. His brother John went to class suddenly Rock’s friends came and told him that today is our friend Hari’s birthday, so don’t go to school today. Rock refused at first, but after repeated calls from friends, he went with them. Slowly Rock got used to it and started doing this every day.

A few days later the result of the examination was declared, in which Rock and his friends failed. His brother secured the first position. Rock took the mark sheet to his house. When his parents saw his marks, they were very sad that one of our sons is so good at studies and the other is so unworthy.

Rock realized that I had hurt my parents after which he assured them that I will show them how to succeed in the next exam. Rock left all his friends who had stopped him from his success and he started concentrating on his studies.

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As a result, after a year’s hard work, he not only succeeded in the examination but also secured the highest position in the school. His parents are overjoyed and they hugged Rock and congratulated him.

Education – same result as consistency


Story 2 – Story of Poor Rain


Bedtime Stories For Kids – There lived a farmer in a village, whose name was John, who had a small farm outside his house. His entire family used to help him with the farm work. John’s children also used to give water to vegetables. This time the harvest of John’s field was very good, he tells his wife, that this time our crop is very good, and if all goes well then this time we will sell the crop and build our pucca house.

After saying this, he tells his wife Sarla, I am going to the market to sell some vegetables and money, you should sprinkle pesticides in the field. After saying this, he goes to the market, where his wife and children finish all the farm work. When John comes back from the market, he is very happy, and tells his wife, that our vegetables are of high quality, we will get very good prices in the market this time. Vegetables will have to be plucked and sold in the market quickly.

Hearing this, his wife said, “Okay, tomorrow we will pluck all the vegetables and prepare them for sale in the market.” After saying this, he sleeps happily with his family, but suddenly it starts raining at the night. John is very sad because it is raining, and he picks up his wife and says Sarla, look how heavy it is raining. This Sarla also becomes very sad, and she says, Oh God what will happen to our crop?

Both husband and wife started praying to God to stop the rain. But the rain was not taking its name to stop. Even after some time hail started falling, and the whole field was filled with rainwater. Both of them were very upset due to this, John said that when the rainwater is increasing, slowly this water will start filling our house too, and due to the wind, the roof of our house has also started breaking. Both were very upset, no one could understand, what should they do in such trouble.

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Sarla picked up her two children and decided to go to a safe place with her husband. When he came out of his house, he saw that many houses were already broken due to rainwater. The whole village was filled with water, and other people in the village were also leaving the village with their belongings on their heads. The whole village was sad, everyone is helping each other. All the villagers came and stopped on the bridge outside the village.

After some time the rain stopped, and the next morning the government people brought food for the people trapped in the village. Seeing the food of the villagers, John ran to the employees and got some food packets. John fed those food packets to his children, and both husband and wife went hungry. Now the villagers started feeling some relief, now they had full hope that they would now return to their village. But then after a while, it started raining again.

This time it was raining continuously for a long time, and the water was increasing. Due to this, even the rescuers did not bring food to the village. This John said that this time the government vehicle will not bring food to our village. I go out of the village to get food. After some time John reached Sarla and the children with food, but there were many injury marks on John’s body. Seeing whom Sarla said nervously about how all this happened, on this, John said that the government was distributing free food in the nearby village. Because of which there were a lot of crowds, I got this injury in the crowd while taking food.


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Hearing this, Sarla started crying and started saying that the hands that used to grow grains, today she herself is worried about Anaj. How this situation has come, John explained to Sarla and said that you do not panic, everything will be fine soon. After this John gave food to his children, but where did the children also eat food with us, because both of you have not eaten anything since yesterday. The kids had dinner with Sarla and John. Everyone was very happy to see this.

The family was completely upset playing everyone laughing. After that, it started raining slowly. And all the villagers started returning to their respective homes. When John reached home with his family, he saw that John’s entire house had been broken into. Sarla was very sad about this, John said where we will rebuild the house. Where did Sarla bring it to eat and from where? Where did the children still have some vegetables left in the field, we bring them after plucking them.

The kids start plucking the vegetables, and John and Sarla start rebuilding their house. Then one of his people is seen coming towards his house, he says that I have come from the side of the government. Let me see how much you have suffered in this rain disaster, because the government will give you full compensation for your loss, and will also give you a pucca house. Sarla felt very happy after hearing this, John and Sarla gave all the information about themselves to that government person.

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After taking all the information, he left there. And some government employees came to the village to give rations. After taking the ration, John and the villagers thanked those employees very much. Where are you a farmer, who grows food grains for the whole country, it is our duty to help you. After saying this he left the village. After a few days, many government vehicles came to John’s village, and all those people whose houses were broken due to rain, all those people were given strong and pucca houses.

There were tears of happiness in Sarla’s eyes today. On this, where did Sarla, oh God, inadvertently tell you a lot of bad things, forgive me for this. She was very happy saying thanks to God. John’s family finally got a pucca house and also got financial help. After that, he grew the crop again. Although the rain caused a lot of rain on John and the whole village, but in the end, everything went well and all the villagers were very happy.

Moral of the Story – The lesson we get from this story is that when Aamir people enjoy the rain in their pucca houses. The same poor farmer prays to God to save his fields. Even today there are many villages where people’s houses are broken due to rain.


Story 3 – The Story of The Sneaky Stone


Bedtime Stories For Kids – A long time ago, there lived a sculptor in a village. He needed a stone to make an idol. He went to the forest to find the stone, there he finds a nice and beautiful stone, which was very easy to give the shape of the idol, he becomes happy seeing this stone. And he used to pick up that stone and take it with him to his house. When he is coming on his way, he finds another stone, the sculptor takes that stone also with him.

The sculptor takes both the stones home and begins to shape the stone into an idol with his tools. As soon as he dies on the stone, the stone starts saying, leave me, it is hurting me, you should make some other stone idol. If you hurt me too much, I will be shattered to pieces. Hearing this, the sculptor feels pity for him, and he leaves that stone and starts making another stone idol. This stone did not say anything and in no time the sculptor changes the mind of this stone to the idol of a god.


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After the idol of God is made, the villagers come to take that idol. When the villagers start carrying that idol, they think that a stone will be needed to break the coconut near the idol. For this, he also takes another stone with him. The villagers placed the idol in the temple and placed another stone under the same idol. Whenever people came to the temple to worship, he used to offer milk and a garland of flowers on the idol and break the coconut on the stone placed below. This bothered the stone a lot.

Whenever people used to break a coconut on him, he used to feel pain. On this, he speaks from the stone made of a stone idol, that you are very relaxed mind, people give you milk bath and offer you laddus, and my luck is very bad. To this, the stone of the idol replied that the sculptor wanted to make you an idol, but you refused because of pain, if you had not done so at that time, then perhaps I would have been in your place today, and people are breaking coconuts on me. Would have been

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But you did not bear the pain of the beginning and you chose the path of rest, due to which you are suffering now. The stone understood this, and he never said anything further, whenever people used to crack coconut on him, he used to bear all the sorrows with laughter. When people used to offer laddus to the idol, they used to offer laddus on that stone also.

Moral of The Story – This story gives us a lesson that we should never panic in any difficult situation. Because in the beginning there are difficulties in our life, but later everything becomes fine. The person who moves ahead after facing the difficulties of the beginning, his future life becomes completely happy.


Story 4 – Never Listen To Negative People


Bedtime Stories For Kids – Once a group of many frogs was roaming in a forest. All of them are traveling further in the forest. Then two of those frogs fall into a pit. Seeing this, all the other frogs thought that they would no longer survive because the pit was very deep. All the frogs were shouting together that you cannot come out now. However, both the frogs were trying to get out of the pit. Despite his constant efforts, other frogs were telling him that his efforts are in vain, he cannot get out of the pit.

A frog who fell in the pit heard this. And he lost his courage and died trying till the end. But the other frog did not give up, he kept trying his best. When the first frog died, the other frogs were screaming loudly. But the frog that had fallen in the pit was still trying its best to get out. And he managed to get out of the pit by jumping and due to repeated efforts, ignored everyone.

When that frog came out of the pit, all the other frogs said that when we were telling you loudly that you cannot get out of the pit, did you not hear this sound? That frog said no, I did not hear any voice of anyone. Because I am deaf and I thought you all are increasing my enthusiasm by speaking loudly. For this reason, he was successful in getting out of the pit.

Moral of the Story – We get this lesson from this story. That we should never listen to any person who stops us from rising up or solving any problem. You just have to have full faith in yourself. If you have complete faith in yourself, then you can find a solution to any problem.


Story 5 – The Story of The Wolf And The Stork


Bedtime Stories For Kids – There lived a wolf in a forest. One day he was doing a hunt and eating that animal. While eating, a bone gets stuck in his throat. Despite many efforts, the wolves are unable to remove that bone from their throat. And his condition becomes very bad. Now he gets very upset. Then he sees a stork in front of him. Seeing his long beak, the wolves ask the stork for help.

At first, Stork is very scared, because she does not like to help a wolf. But when the wolf tells him that you will take out the bone hanging from my neck, I will reward you, then the stork gets greedy on this, and he removes the neck bone of the wolf with his long beak. After the bone is removed, the wolves start leaving from there.

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Seeing this, the stork says, I have removed the bone from your neck, where is my reward? Hearing this, the wolf says to the stork, Your neck has come out safely from my throat. This is your reward. This made the stork very sad.

Moral of The Story – This story teaches us that we should never be with selfish people. Do not expect any kind of benefit in return for helping someone who has no self-respect.


Final Word

I hope that you must have liked the Bedtime Stories For Kids given by me, which one did your child like best Bedtime Stories For Kids, do tell us by commenting in the comment box below.

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